1300 Number: Why Should You Get It?

1300 numbers are nothing but 10 digit local phone numbers that can be dialed by your customers at local rates from any landline number in Australia. This will be the single way of contact for your business and will also attract customers from other regions. The costs of such calls are normally shared by the business and the caller. There are many Simple Telecom in Australia today.

How do these numbers work?

These 1300 numbers are nothing but virtual numbers used to get incoming calls and redirect them to any existing number or answer points. It is not possible to make outgoing calls with these inbound numbers. Your present phone numbers will be used instead to dial out external numbers.

Calls made to 1300 number can be redirected or routed to your mobile, landline or some other international phone numbers. You will be able to manage where and how calls are answered by changing the answer points. These answer points can be changed depending on the location, time and day of the caller.

The difference between 1300 numbers and other numbers

  • The call charges and the way to recall are the main differences between 1300 and other numbers.
  • Business owners: Call to 1300 and other types of numbers are charged depending on the plan of the specific number chosen.
  • Callers: Calls are charged at local rates and calls to numbers other than 1300 and 13 are completely free which are called as toll-free numbers.
  • Memorizing the numbers: These 1300 numbers always have ten digits and they are easy to remember.
  • Inbound numbers allow you to attract customers from all over the country, but remember that you may be facing the charges for long distance calls.